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Dr. Douglas Mann & Ms. Amada Poppei


Our Darwin Day Event for 2020

Why are we Moral?

As never before, our society is in the grip of a moral crises.
Because morality is an artifact of human culture, it is continuously modified by the
internal and external experiences of the society that shaped it. Thus, while it defines us in large measure, it can never be said to be wholly objective.

Dr. Douglas Mann says that when discussing ethics or morality, we need to refer to
the body of Our Evolved Moral Wisdom which describes how evolutionary pressures
created our concepts of morality. Morality touches everything that matters about our lives, as a people, and as individuals.

We also have the honor of presenting Ms. Amanda Poppei of the American Ethical
Culture Union
to lend her unique perspective and experience to the discussion. She is
a Unitarian Universalist minister as well as a certified Ethical Culture Leader, Amanda also serves as President of the Unitarian Universalist Humanist Association.

We are very honored to present a consideration of this most important issue. Doug Mann, PhD, is an experimental psychologist and former medical school professor. Research on empathy in the doctor-patient relationship led to his post-retirement interest in moral psychology and the evolution of morality.

The Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason is presenting Dr Mann and Ms. Poppei as
part of its continuing program in bringing distinguished thinkers such as Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Herb Silverman, and others to our Tampa Bay area.

Saturday, February 8th at 10 AM -1PM is the time and the UUC Octagon Arts
2470 Nursery Rd. in Clearwater is the place. Light snacks will be served. Tickets
are available for $25

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