The Evolution of Happiness
With: Dr. Ryan Cragun,                  Jennifer Hancock,       &         Dr. Phil Zuckerman

These three fine authors have each contributed to the cause of humanity, each building unique bridges to improve the human condition as we enlarge individual human potential to meet the responsibilities we all have to ensure our common success.

The event will be held on Saturday, February 3rd starting at 9:30 AM and will end before 3 PM in the Octagon of the UU Congregation in Clearwater at 2470 Nursery Rd. in Clearwater. Tickets are on sale now at $20 ea. from our constituent organizations, or can be ordered at the link to BPT on this page.

The avoidance of suffering and the desire for happiness, no matter how defined are a constant stimulus to human activity, and a profound concern within each human life.
The attempt to understand this essential driver as objectively as possible can greatly facilitate the achievement of these twin desires.

Books with author's autographs will be available after the program. Sorry, no food will be available for this occasion.

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This event is being held at 9:30 AM in the Octagon building of the UUC campus at
2470 Nursery Rd in Clearwater, FL 33764. Map                                                                                   

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